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Category Archives: Omitted Heir


How Do Florida Courts Deal With Inheritance Claims From “Illegitimate” Children?

By Mark R. Manceri, P.A. |

Florida law makes no distinction between “legitimate” or “illegitimate” children when it comes to inheritance rights. Any biological child of a deceased individual has the same right to inherit from the parent’s estate if they died without leaving a valid will or trust. Of course, a parent is free to disinherit an adult child… Read More »

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Can My Child Sue My Estate If I Disinherit Them?

By Mark R. Manceri, P.A. |

When making a will, you have a great deal of flexibility in deciding who will receive your property after you die. Many people like to keep things simple and leave most of their estate to their children. But there are situations where you may decide to leave your child nothing. At first this might… Read More »

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Reasons for Omitted Heirs in Florida Wills

By Mark R. Manceri, P.A. |

Obviously, leaving someone out of the Will intentionally is certainly possible. Someone may consider leaving a child out of their Will as a way to “get back at them.” However, there are times omitted heirs are often left out unintentionally. Many people start their estate plan but either forget about it or just never… Read More »

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