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Pompano Beach Estate, Trust & Probate Litigation Lawyer
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Pompano Beach Estate, Trust & Probate Litigation Lawyer

Pompano Beach Estate, Trust & Probate Litigation Lawyer

Mark R. Manceri brings nearly three decades of legal experience to the people of Florida. Mr. Manceri offers his services in a wide variety of estate, trust, and guardianship litigation matters, and he is committed to helping his clients to resolve the often-difficult estate and probate process with professionalism and dignity. He has represented clients in well over three hundred probate, trust, or guardianship proceedings.

Mr. Manceri is Board Certified in wills, trusts & estates, which means that the Florida Bar has recognized him as having special knowledge, skill, and proficiency in that area. Fewer than ten percent of Florida attorneys hold a certification in their field, as it is the Florida Bar’s highest level of distinction. Pompano Beach estate, trust & probate litigation lawyer, Mr. Manceri is firmly committed to assisting people through all aspects of estate and trust disputes. As an added achievement, Mark R. Manceri is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Estate and Trust Litigation

Planning one’s estate, which includes determining how one’s assets should be distributed after passing, can be a difficult and complicated process. Unfortunately that process can be further complicated by disputes over the interpretation of a will or trust, or over the administration of a will by a personal representative. Beneficiaries of a will or trust may disagree over how to interpret all or part of the document. A personal representative may come into conflict with a beneficiary, a creditor, or debtor of the estate or trust, or another person claiming some interest in the estate or trust.

Disputes over the handling of a will or trust can be highly emotional and chaotic, since they often involve family members and loved ones in conflict. Such disputes require careful, respectful review by a professional skilled both in dispute resolution and Florida’s estate and trust laws. Pompano Beach estate lawyer Mark R. Manceri has extensive experience in the amicable and dignified resolution of disputes, as well as in the aggressive pursuit of his clients’ interests in litigation through trial.

Some wills and trusts require court involvement to take effect. A personal representative or trustee must usually locate and notify heirs of the decedent, file the will with the court, and present the will to the probate judge for admission into the probate process. Once the judge admits the will, the personal representative may begin enacting the will’s provisions. Disputes and conflicts develop during this process for many reasons. Relatives of the decedent may disagree on how to administer the will or trust. People not named as beneficiaries may claim an interest in the estate or trust. The very validity of the will or trust may be questioned, such as a claim that the decedent signed under duress or was subject to undue influence, or that the will or trust does not bear the proper signatures and witnesses required by Florida law.

In cases where an individual dies without leaving a will, an heir or relative of the decedent usually applies to the probate court for appointment as the estate’s personal representative, and must locate and notify any known heirs of the decedent, as they are defined by Florida law. This process, known as “intestate succession,” can be especially contentious in many cases.

Pompano Beach estate & trust litigation lawyer Mark R. Manceri can guide a litigated will or trust, or a matter of intestate succession, through Florida’s probate system and can help to resolve disputes or vigorously pursue or defend claims affecting an estate or trust matter. Contact us through our website or at 954-491-7099 to schedule your initial consultation.

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