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5 Reasons Why You Need a Florida Prenuptial Agreement


Prenuptial Agreements are contracts that some couples choose to enter into before marriage. Every Prenuptial Agreement is different. They generally govern ownership and disposition of assets and debts upon a future divorce or death. The Agreement only becomes effective when you get married. If the marriage does not take place, the Agreement is not enforceable. If you need assistance regarding a Prenuptial Agreement, you need to speak with an experienced Pompano Beach prenuptial and postnuptial agreement attorney.

Here are some of the reasons Prenuptial Agreements are used.

Prenuptial Agreements Can Help You Avoid Added Stress

In the event you do get divorced, having a Prenuptial Agreement can set forth the rights and obligations of each party. Ideally, will be less arguing over who gets to keep what assets. Divorce can be a very emotional process. A Prenuptial Agreement can help keep you from engaging in an adversarial battle over the division of your property. 

Prenups Can Keep You from Being Saddled with Your Spouse’s Debts

People think Prenuptial Agreements are only for wealthy people, or ones who earn a high salary. The truth is, Prenuptial Agreements are also a consideration for younger couples just starting out. If you recently graduated from college, and have $100,000.00 in outstanding student loans, your spouse likely does not want to be responsible for your debt. A Prenuptial Agreement can address that type of situation.

You Have Children from a Prior Relationship

If you have children from a prior marriage, you may have assets that you want to ensure remain in your family. These are items that you want your children to have after you pass away one day. You can specify in the Prenuptial Agreement that your assets will remain your sole property. You can also address other inheritance questions to make sure your wishes are carried out.

You Own a Business

Does one of you own a business? If you worked hard for years to build a successful business, it’s understandable that you don’t want to lose it in the event your marriage doesn’t work out. Without a Prenuptial Agreement, you could wind up being business partners with your former spouse.

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